What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

A salt lamp is simply a chunk of mined salt that has been hollowed out to allow room for a lightbulb or tiny candle. The light glows through the medium of the salt crystal, which can range in color from a dark salmon pink to a pale orange. Salt lamps make attractive accent lights. Their main attraction, however, is that the heating of the salt causes the crystal to release negative ions (often called simply ‘ions’).Negative ions have long been considered healthy; the sea air, mountain air and the air around swiftly running water is high in negative ions. Indoor air, recirculated air, and air around electronic equipment is very low in negative ions. Many office workers who suffer health complaints around fluorescent lighting and computer monitors report considerably less fatigue and headaches if the concentration of negative ions in the air is increased. Why negative ions may be beneficial is only partially understood.

Himalayan Salt Benefits

Natural Salt Lamp

Illuminate your space with the soothing glow of our Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp. Mined from ancient salt deposits, these lamps not only serve as attractive accent lights but also release negative ions for a healthier indoor environment. Choose from our curated selection, including 2 to 3 kg, 4 to 6 kg, and 6 to 9 kg variations, and bring the timeless beauty of nature into your home.

2 to 3 kg

Natural Salt Lamps 2 to 3 KG

4 to 6 kg

Natural Salt Lamps 4 to 6 KG

6 to 9 kg

Natural Salt Lamps 6 to 9 KG

Geometrical Salt Lamp

Discover the harmonious blend of aesthetics and wellness with our Geometrical Himalayan Salt Lamps. The ball-shaped, cylindrical, and pyramid designs add a modern touch to your space while releasing negative ions for a healthier indoor atmosphere. Choose the geometric shape that suits your style and embrace the unique ambiance created by these salt lamps.

Ball Shaped

Ball Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp


Cylinder Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp


Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Handcrafted Salt Lamp

Elevate your space with the artisanal charm of our Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamps. From drop-shaped to fire bowl, heart-shaped to mushroom-shaped, each lamp is a unique creation that adds a touch of warmth and character to your home. Experience the beauty and health benefits of Himalayan salt with these meticulously crafted handcrafted salt lamps.

Drop Shaped

Drop Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Mushroom Shaped

Mushroom Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Animal Shaped Salt Lamps

Infuse your space with whimsy and well-being with our Animal Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps. From cat-shaped to elephant-shaped and horse-shaped, these unique lamps not only add a playful touch to your decor but also release negative ions for a refreshing indoor atmosphere. Select the animal shape that resonates with you and bring a delightful charm to your living space.

Cat Shaped

Cat Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Elephant Shaped

Elephant Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp

Horse Shaped

Horse Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp