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Our Himalayan salt blocks are the best available anywhere, hand-picked from the purest seams of 250 million year old salt deposits deep under the rugged Punjabi landscape. Suitable for freezing to -320°F (-196°C) and heating to 900°F (482°C); no other salt block has been tested to such extremes! Our himalayan Salt Blocks are selected for both natural beauty and structural integrity. Suitable for all uses, from salt block freezing to frying to curing to grilling. Serve fruits and cheeses, cure unreal gravlax, warm a salad of wilted greens and Roquefort cheese, sear lobster or flatiron steak or duck breast with duck fat-fried potato chips, chill tuna tartar or scallop ceviche, and for dessert, try freezing some salted bitters ice cream! Best Himalayan Salt Products available at Pacific Himalayan Salt in Wholesale.

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Himalayan Salt Tiles
Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles


Himalayan Salt Serving Tiles


Himalayan Salt Salad Tiles


16x8 inches

16×8 inches salt blocks

12x8 inches

12×8 inches Salt Blocks

10x8 inches

10×8 inches Salt Cooking Tiles

8x8 inches

8×8 inches Salt Cooking Tiles

12 inches Round

12 inches Round Salt Blocks

10 inches Round

10 inches Round Salt Cooking Tiles

9 inches Round

9 inches Round Salt Cooking Tiles

8 inches Round

8 inches Round Salt Cooking Tiles